Introducing Swahili Vowels

Swahili has a very simple vowels system. It has 5 vowels in total which do not vary much in pronunciation.

How to greet someone in Swahili and say your name

There are many ways of greeting someone in Swahili. Here is one you cannot miss. It is popularized by the famous song from Kenya called Hakuna Matata or Jambo Bwana of Lion King Fame.

know how to question in greetings

dem wi ga

To learn about the family

familia kubwa....

Introducing students to the terms used for hair cut.

This lesson introduces students to the hair cut expressions and the tools used by the barbers.

Learn how to make tea the East African way

(Wakati wowote ni wakati wa chai. Maelekezo ya kutengeneza chai) Any time is tea time. Knowing how to make and serve tea is an important aspect of entertaining one self and one's guests in East Africa. The following video shows one way of making tea that is popular among the region's tea drinkers.