Salamu (Greetings)

How to greet someone in Swahili and say your name

There are many ways of greeting someone in Swahili. Here is one you cannot miss. It is popularized by the famous song from Kenya called Hakuna Matata or Jambo Bwana of Lion King Fame.

Lesson Vocabulary

Lesson Vocabulary

Habari Hello Habari
hifadhi Preserve
Kubeba to carry
kuhusu About
Mwanafunzi Student The term
nusu half nusu

Lesson Conversation:

Mwanafunzi Shikamoo mwalimu Hello teacher
Mwalimu Marhaba mwanafunzi Hello
Mwanafunzi Jina langu ni Maria My name is Maria
Boubacar Mimi ni mwalimu I am a teacher
Mwalimu Jibu maswali haya Answer these questions

Lesson Monologue

Lesson Note

Cultural Notes

Body language

when greeting a person, it is customary to bow your head

Polite greetings

when greeting an older person...

Teacher Notes

Etiquette in greetings

It is important to choose the correct greeting when addressing older people.

Student Notes

How to choose the right greeting

Any age mate can be greeted with any greeting except "shikamoo."
Anyone older (except for siblings not greatly varying in age) is greeted with 'shikamoo."

Lesson Exercise